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Cat Stevens Yusuf Islam Roadsinger



Yusuf Islam, we know and love as, Cat Stevens,

is an Icon for spiritual awaking in the mystical vein of Islam.


I met Yusuf in Seven Sisters, London England, 1998.

Yusuf was visiting my Shaykh (Teacher), Mawlana Nazim.

I spoke with Yusuf candidly, as just another brother, about his music.

I told him, I loved his music and he said,

"No one Listens to my music anymore.”


It may be true that Cat Stevens fell out of the 'limelight', in the 'main stream',

but now, I believe, Yusuf, swims in Divine Light, in the Mystic Oceans.


Roadsinger (To Warm You Through the Night), is an excellent album,

steeped in mysticism, veiled by the style of Cat Stevens, as we knew him before.



I have prepared a vinyl, album cover, of Roadsinger to be crafted into a Life Puzzle

and will post it here, as soon as it is finished.



I admire Yusuf and relate to him, as I also grew up in the mainstream and have embraced, Sufi Islam.

My peers do not understand me, like Yusuf.

I believe Sufi Islam, is the beautiful, valuable Reality, to share, as the golden treasure it is.


We are all equal, “like the teeth of a comb”. -Muhammad SWS

What makes us unique, is how we excel in Spirit.



Asalaam Alaykum Yusuf. Thank you for your music. I pray God connects all our hearts and brings us home.

Asalaam Alaykum (Gods peace be with you), All!


Muhammad Burhanldīn ibn Dawood - Rabi Al Awwal 8,1432 (2/11/2010)











I look I see 2




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